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Names and Faces

Our Committee is a hard work group of volunteer, elected on a regular basis, charged with the efficient operation of the Supporters Club and known for pretty much running things on match-day. Meetings of the committee are open to members of the supporters club who are welcome to attend and ask questions. All members received an email ahead of each meeting inviting them to attend.

Chairperson – Marian Davis


The Chairs main responsibility is to run monthly committee meetings and annually the AGM.  The Chair sets goals with the committee and resolves disputes and holds the casting vote and is the final arbiter of the rules.  The Chair will act as Football Club ambassador and improve links across the sections of the club, promoting membership and engagement.


Secretary – VACANCY - Temporarily filled by Marian Davis


The Secretary is responsible for the administrative tasks associated with running the club.  This entails taking minutes, distributing agendas and any official paperwork relating to the AGM.  The Secretary is also responsible for booking committee meetings and recording attendance.  In the future as the club grows there may be some liaison with external bodies to be undertaken.


Deputy Chair – Nick Woods


The Deputy Chair stands in for The Chairperson during periods of absence.  The Deputy also shares the workload and strategic thinking with the Chair in terms of setting goals and moving the club forward.


Community Officer – Nick Woods


The Community Officer connects the club with a variety of groups from school age through to seniors and provides them with access to football.


Communications Officer – VACANCY


A key position that overseas production of the match-day programme for both the men's and ladies teams, collation of player-of-the-month/season voting, production of the members magazine and control of social media.



Membership Secretary – Mel Davis


The Membership Secretary managed the 'membermojo' online membership system ensuring members have no issues signing up, are notified when membership is expiring and receive a shiny new membership card at the right time.


Finance Manager – Alan Ward


The Finance Manager takes care of the supporters club bank account and maintains positive cashflow, making recommendations to the committee. This person also prepares a report for the AGM and liaises with independent auditors who 'inspect the books' and methods used.

Merchandising Manager – Alan Ward


The Merchandising Manager is responsible for the purchase and sale of branded goods on match-days; supply of our club shop in Walsgrave and taking of orders at other times.


Volunteer Co-ordinator – Harry Bragginton


Volunteers are the life blood of Coventry and this is a key position that takes care of them.  We are always looking to engage new volunteers - matching them to suitable tasks with an appropriate level of commitment. As the club increases in size the number of volunteers needed will also increase.


Fundraising Manager – Carl Prinzel


This position coordinates team activities in respect of raising funds, seeking out and applying for grants whilst also monitoring success of applications. Also, this is the lead role for exploring and delivering options for social events, for selling the tickets and ensuring the event runs smoothly.   This has also involved liaising with entertainers and event coordinators at a number of venues.


Junior Liaison – Keith Green


The aim of this role is to ensure that Junior Football teams are represented in club thinking and specifically by acting as a conduit between the Supporters Club and the managers of all junior teams.


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